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Achieve your Debt Consolidation goals

Are you finding it challenging to keep track of multiple debt obligations? Debt can adversely influence your monetary health and act as a roadblock to your savings & future goals. However, The Rapid Loans provide several quick and convenient ways to reduce it - one such prudent solution is a debt consolidation loan. Taking a single loan to pay off your debts leaves you with one monthly payment, which is easier to manage than multiple loans. The primary advantage of a debt consolidation loan is that it reduces the EMI amount and the interest rates.

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Why Choose Rapid Loans?

  • Loans from $10,000 up to $250,000

    Loans from $10,000
    up to $250,000

  • Funding the
    same day

  • Interest Rates as low as
    3% up to 8%

  • Competitive
    interest rates

  • We are a
    responsible lender

  • No early
    repayment fees

  • 30 minute
    loan approval

  • Repayment terms
    to suit your cashflow

Debt Consolidation Loans

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have really bad credit,will I get a loan?
Let’s face it: Nobody likes to be judged. But when it comes to loans, it’s going to happen. Creditors are going to look deep into your credit history and make a decision about whether or not to lend to you. Lenders need to determine how risky it would be to lend money to a borrower. And if you’ve got bad credit, you might expect to be shown the door right away. But don’t panic! Even if you have bad credit, it’s still possible to get a loan with Rapid Loans.
I don’t want to borrow more than I need!
You don’t have to borrow more than what you need at Rapid Loans, plus it’s also an open loan here so you could double,triple up and have the loan paid off without any prepaid penalty.

Finding the Best Available Loans

At Rapid Loans we will find you the perfect loan plan (i.e. personal loans, business loans, debt consolidation loan) that is tailored to your financial needs. We negotiate with our Canadian loan lenders on your behalf. We also counsel you on credit qualifications, offer efficient and highly personalized service, and help you every step of the way. Without any hassles we can approve you 100% regardless of your credit history.We’ll automatically find a personal and business loan that is closest to the requested amount.

Debt consolidation loans

Nobody likes to be behind in paying their bills and the worst case is to know your in so much of a financial debt. With a debt-consolidation loan you could,Consolidate all your other loans and have one loan to focus on,this way you could keep ahead of time and also finally have a piece of mine.

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Business loans

Starting up a business can be a up hill task if you don’t have that financial power,getting a business loan is always a good idea to enhance your business and improve in whatever area your weak in. Get a business loan for up to $250,000 to improve and establish your business.

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Personal loans

You may want to go on a trip your so longing for to go,get a personal loan to do home renovations and to buy yourself something for the holiday. Its always nice to have fun without messing with your life savings.

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